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Spinal Support Plus


No matter what age you are, you should always take excellent care of your spine. If you injure your spine, it can lead to many health issues in the future. Your bed must have support for your spine and the rest of your body. Bed & Lounge now offers the latest mattress and base set from Capt’n Snooze, the Spinal Support Plus. This bed set and spinal care orthopractic mattress is the perfect choice for anyone looking for that extra spinal support while sleeping.

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Spinal Support Plus

captn snooze

  • Max Weight 140 Kg per person
  • Memory Foam
  • Zero Turn – Rotate Only mattress
  • Guarantee 1 Year
  • Warranty 20 Year

Why choose a spinal health mattress?

Whether you are struggling with back, neck or should issue or want to improve your quality of sleep, a spinal health mattress, such as the Spinal Support Plus, is a great option. Memory foam was introduced in the medical field to support and comfort patients in intensive care units. That is why it’s such a trusted mattress today.

The Spinal Support Plus memory foam mattress offers pressure point relief, supports spine alignment, accommodates different positions and is highly durable. With a mattress of this quality, you can sleep peacefully every night knowing you will wake up feeling refreshed.

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Why buy a Capt’n Snooze Spinal Support Plus?

Capt’n Snooze Spinal Support Plus is a luxury, memory foam mattress with a wide range of benefits. This queen-size, zero-turn mattress was designed to offer excellent spinal support and can accommodate different positions throughout the night without putting pressure on the body. It’s the ideal bed for anyone wanting to improve their sleep and take care of their spine every night. The Spinal Support Plus has a 20-year warranty so that you can invest with peace of mind.


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