Capt’n Snooze Royal Backcare Euro Top

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Capt’n Snooze Royal Backcare Euro Top


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Backache can reduce the quality of your life in many ways. Therefore, it’s essential to look after your spine 24/7 – even when you’re sleeping. Investing in a quality mattress can assist with this. Especially, long-lasting options such as pillow-top orthopaedic mattresses offer improved comfort, support to pressure points throughout the body and steady firmness for extra back support. Bed & Lounge now has the perfect option: The latest back support mattress and base set from our Orthopaedic Range, the Royal Euro Top.

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Why choose a lumbar support mattress? (benefits)

Many people struggle with back problems. One of the first options to improve backache is to invest in a new bed. A pillow-top orthopaedic mattress is an excellent choice. Not only does it offer an extensive range of benefits, but it also provides luxurious comfort. These back-support mattresses were designed to focus on issues with the spine and joints. It may not cure serious back injuries, but it will assist with the healing process and offer a comfortable night’s rest. These mattresses are also temperature sensitive for the ultimate night’s rest.

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Why buy a Capt’n Snooze Royal Euro Top? (features)

The Royal Euro Top queen-size mattress is an excellent choice for an affordable quality mattress. This new luxury pillow-top bed is designed with extra cushioning to support your back throughout the night. It also gently contours to your body and automatically adjust to different positions for luxurious comfort. The Royal Euro Top offers zero-turn technology and comes with a 15-year warranty.

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