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Orthocare MK2


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Restful sleep is a highly important factor when it comes to your physical and mental health and quality of life. A durable posture support mattress is an excellent investment in ensuring you get the rest you need while improving your general health and wellbeing. Bed & Lounge’s Capt’n Snooze’s Orthocare MK2 is an excellent choice when choosing a mattress to enhance your sleep. This queen-sized mattress and base set are made from durable fabric and features zero-turn technology. It offers the perfect solution for spine support and exceptional comfort that will last the whole night.

You can buy a Orthocare MK2 mattress conveniently from Bed & Lounge’s online store – open 24/7!

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  • Zero Turn – Rotate only mattress
  • Finest quality fabric
  • 1 Year Guarantee
  • 10 Year Service Warranty
  • 120kg per person

Invest in the best mattress for posture

Many people struggle with aches and pains caused by injury, illness or stress. Investing in the best mattress for posture can do wonders for anyone struggling with these ailments. It’s important to know that a bed cannot cure injury or illness, but it can contribute significantly to the improvement of your health.

When it comes to choosing a mattress, of course, there is no “one size fits all”. Therefore, it is always a great idea to ask for expert advice.

Why choose a chiro posture mattress

If you’re searching for a chiro support mattress that ticks all the boxes and is affordable, look no further than Bed & Lounge’s Orthocare MK2 mattress from Captn’ Snooze. This turn-free mattress offers firm comfort that supports your joints, back and neck. It’s a cost-efficient orthopaedic sleep solution and an excellent choice for anyone wanting to improve their sleep.

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If you are ready to buy a mattress, chat to us online or to a bed consultant at our furniture store located in Johannesburg, Gauteng. We can answer all the questions you may have and offer top-quality advice to ensure you make the right choice.

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