Genessi Bed Sets


Genessi Bed Sets

You and your family deserve the quality and supportive sleep offered by a well-designed and durable bed set and mattress. Genessi bed sets are designed using advanced sleep engineering technology and include high-density comfort layers, memory foam layers, and high-performance support layers to improve thermal regulated and hygienic properties. These sets also regulate the ideal conditions for ultimate personalised comfort and consistent pressure-relieving support.

Years of research into healthy sleep and the design of an excellent quality bed has produced Genessi’s top range. The Genessi bed set range includes the Genessi Dream Support, the Genessi Dream Comfort, the Genessi Active Air Plus and the Genessi Active Air Firm, all with superior benefits.

Are you looking for your ideal bed? You can buy a Genessi bed conveniently from our online store – open 24/7!

Choose support and comfort with Genessi

With many top reviews online, Genessi beds’ popularity has grown exponentially in the past years. Many choose these beds for their excellent quality, long-lasting comfort and extra support. Built with state-of-the-art materials such as memory foam, poly-latex, polyurethane high-density foam and cell softening molecules makes Genessi beds the luxury choice.

When buying a new bed or base set, you want to make sure you invest in a product that provides everything you require. Choose from a variety of sizes, all sold with extensive warranties for complete peace of mind. Our Genessi bed prices are also affordable to suit your pocket, even though we never compromise on quality.

Shop the Genessi bed range online

Ready to shop? Browse our bed set range online or pop into our store where you can choose your ideal Genessi bed set quickly and easily. Our experienced team is always standing by to assist with any questions or queries you may have about our beds and mattresses. We are also available to offer professional advice on how to care for your new bed to ensure it stays in top condition. Enjoy your Genessi bed for many years to come – it’s an excellent investment in great quality sleep.

Chat to us online or to a bed consultant at our store. Our furniture store is located in Johannesburg, Gauteng, with a large range of Genessi beds for sale.

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